Voter Information

Map is courtesy of the Cortland County Planning Department

Legislative District 10

I am running to represent Legislative District 10, which encompasses the Southern and Western portions of Homer and surrounding areas.

The residents of Cortland County are divided into several legislative districts (redrawn every ten years based on the results of the Census), with each district represented by a single legislator. Currently, there are seventeen legislative districts. The residents of each district responsible for choosing their legislator every fourth November.

Based on the results of the 2010 Census, Homer is divided into the 9th and 10th Legislative Districts. It is important that village residents know which district they live in!

If you are unsure of which legislative district you live in, please call the Cortland County Board of Elections at (607) 753-5032.

Are You Registered to Vote?

Nothing is worse than going to the polls on Election Day only to discover that you are not registered to cast a vote.

NYS Voter Registration Form.pdf

Important Dates!

Election Day: Polls are open on November 7th, 2023, from 6am-9pm EST.

You must be registered to vote at your current address by October 28th, 2023, in order to cast a ballot on Election Day!

Absentee Voting: Don't want to cast a ballot in person? Submit an application for an absentee ballot by October 23rd, 2023. Access the application here.

Early Voting: You can cast vote early at the Cortland County Board of Elections from October 28th to November 5th, 2023.