A Fairness Agenda

A Fairness Agenda

For any community, these qualities are not ones which are easily achieved. They are earned over time with dedication and vision from countless residents of all ages and backgrounds, even when their contributions may go unnoticed. We owe our local traditions, scenic beauty, and safe neighborhoods to so many who took it upon themselves to leave Homer in an even better place than they found it.

I am lucky to call this community mine. For me, ‘home’ could never be taken out of Homer. I have difficulty imagining any other community, no matter how far away, for which I would develop an even deeper affinity.

All of us understand that Homer is not immune from the great challenges facing rural communities across our country. Climate change, the erosion of public safety, and growing distrust in our foundational political institutions are greater than any political party. They urgently demand from us new ideas and vision in places of public leadership.

I seek to represent Homer in the Cortland County Legislature because I believe that yesterday’s county politics will not solve today’s challenges. 

I seek to represent Homer in the Cortland County Legislature because I believe that the choices made now by our county government will have an enormous impact for decades to come, both for the health of our planet and quality of life for future families.

I seek to represent Homer in the Cortland County Legislature because I believe that we, the residents of Homer, can look to our own accomplishments as a model for the rest of our county. 

I seek to represent Homer in the Cortland County Legislature because I, like so many others, wish to keep the ‘home’ in Homer for generations to come.

Let’s support a Fairness Agenda for all of Cortland's working families. Can I count on your help?

Climate Fairness

All of us must rise to the challenge of reversing an approaching climate catastrophe. Change can be difficult, intimidating, and unattractive. But it can also be exciting, beneficial, and financially rewarding. Our changing climate is an opportunity to seize on new ideas and economic strategies for the future.

Changes in weather and season patterns are already upon us. The Village of Homer, guided by young people, has taken steps to become a Bronze-certified Climate Smart Community. As County Legislator, I will view every policy decision through the lens of climate change, understanding that every decision can impact the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the land we occupy. Let’s use our accomplishments in Homer as a vision for countywide Climate Fairness. As County Legislator, I will:

Our Central New York economy is changing, and it has much to do with investments in green-energy jobs and technologies. With chip and battery manufacturing blossoming in Syracuse and Binghamton, Cortland County is well-positioned to develop our own green manufacturing industries. Let’s become a statewide leader in Climate Fairness and make smart investments in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Public Safety Fairness

One of the most basic functions of any government is to set clear standards for public order and safety. This includes developing policies which prevent bad outcomes long before they occur.

The Village of Homer has already set a high standard, having been rated as one of the top twenty-five safest municipalities in the United States in 2022. A vision of Public Safety Fairness means that our law enforcement professionals can count on our county legislature for creative means of support and intervention. As County Legislator, I will:

What good is public safety if Cortland County does not have the employees to provide public safety services? What good is workforce development and recruitment if we do not invest in new strategies and treatments for pressing mental health needs in our county? A vision of Public Safety Fairness is one where our county legislature positions itself as an active participant, rather than a reactive one. Let’s make Cortland County a little bit more like Homer.

Civic Fairness

In an era where corporations, millionaires, and billionaires can pump endless sums of money into our political system, healthy democracy begins with strengthening our local institutions. There is much that Cortland County can do, not only with expanding ballot access but also with upgrading policies and procedures within our county government itself.

What if Cortland County had one of the highest voter turnout rates in New York State? What if our county leaders actively worked to bring more people into our political processes? There is much we can do to improve Civic Fairness in Cortland. As County Legislator, I will:

Millions of people, including residents of Cortland County, have fought, shed their blood, and died to defend our democracy. As County Legislator, I will encourage all county residents to participate in our political processes and local government institutions. Civic Fairness eliminate the possibility of political corruption before it ever occurs. Let’s upgrade our county legislature to match our twenty-first century needs.